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Title: Appetizer
Author: i_refuse_to
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jensen has a new friend who may, in fact, prefer Jared.

Jared knew something was up when Jensen knocked instead of using his key.

“Dude,” he said as he flung open the door. “You live here now, remember? It is completely unnecessary for you to make me get up from my extremely comfy spot on the couch to let you in.”

Jensen smiled sheepishly and scuffed his foot, managed to look about five years old. “Well, I wasn’t sure I’d still be welcome after I told you what I’ve done.”

Jared was immediately alarmed. He stepped aside so Jensen could come through the doorway, noticing the awkward way he was holding his arms over his buttoned jacket. “Why? What did you do?”

Jensen scratched the back of his neck, a sure sign that he was feeling nervous. “Umm, you know how the second unit was filming the flashback sequence today, and there was the scene with the guy and the kitten?” He didn’t wait for Jared to respond. “Well, I was talking to the animal handler and she said the kitten was actually her own because her cat had unexpectedly had a litter and that she had no use for five more cats. Then I maybe mentioned that I liked cats and she said I could have that one because it was ready to go home so . . . umm.” Trailing off, he slowly unbuttoned his coat and reached inside. And pulled out a tiny ball of fluff.

Jared raised his eyebrows. “You like kittens?”

Jensen shot him a look. “Everyone likes kittens, you douche bag. They’re fucking adorable.” His harsh words were negated by the fact that he was cuddling the kitten next to his face.

Fucking adorable is right, Jared thought. “So you wanna keep him?”

“Her, I want to keep her.” Jensen’s eyes were wide and pleading. “Is that okay? I already have a litter box and toys and food and a bowl and-“

“Jensen, it’s fine. Like I said, it’s your house too. I’m just worried about how my babies will react. I mean, they’re like fifty times her size.”

Almost as if they knew Jared was talking about them, Sadie and Harley chose that moment to trot into the living room. Excited to see Jensen, they ran up to him, begging for belly scratches and treats. Jensen crouched down and held the kitten out so the dogs could see her. Still sleeping, she had no idea her life was potentially in danger.

“Jen, I don’t know,” Jared started. He was imagining Jensen’s horrified face as he watched Harley bite tiny animal’s head off.

“No, I think it will be fine.”

Sadie noticed the puzzling new creature first. She cautiously approached Jensen’s outstretched hands and sniffed the cat thoroughly. Then, she looked up at Jensen, then back at Jared and finally turned her attention back towards the kitten. Seeming to make a decision, she gave the tiny cat a long slobbery lick from her head all the way to her tail. Roused from her sleep, the kitten noticed the giant dog and returned the gesture, though not quite as enthusiastically and less wet.

Harley had watched this with much interest, but he followed Sadie when she returned to the kitchen a moment later, content with her approval.

“See, Jared? They’re going to be friends.”

Jared smiled at Jensen’s excitement. It was rare to see his normally reserved friend keyed up about something. “What are you going to name her?”

“Maverick,” Jensen said without hesitation. He had given this a lot of thought on the way home.

“Aw, c’mon. You can’t name a girl, Maverick. That’s just mean.”

“It was either that or Cowboy. You’re just mad because I’m not going to name her Spur.”


“Thought so.”

Maverick fit right into the hectic Padalecki-Ackles household. In fact, the only time she caused any problems at all was when she decided that Harley’s wagging tail was a chew toy. The poor guy fled the room whenever she came around for a week after that. The biggest surprise was Jared. For a guy who proclaimed many times that he was a “dog person,” he bonded very quickly with the kitten. Jensen had lost count of how many times he walked into the living room and found Jared asleep on the couch with Maverick curled up on his chest. Of course, he took a picture the first time and posted copies all over the set the next day. Jared had shrugged it off.

“You’re just jealous that your cat likes me better than you.”

“Nah, I’m jealous that you like the cat better than me.”

“What?” Jared said with a sly smirk. “You wanna curl up on my chest, Jen?”

Jensen glanced at Jared from beneath his lashes. “For starters.”

Jensen ran out of the trailer laughing while Jared was still struggling to find a come back.

Later that evening, Jensen was awakened by an earthquake and the ceiling caving in on top of him. He tried to sit up, eyes darting around the room wildly. Jared was standing beside the couch, laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Not an earthquake, then. It was Harley, not the ceiling. The dumb mutt had jumped on top of Jensen and was trying to lie down.

“See,” Jensen said as he attempted to shove the dog into the floor. “Even your dog is jealous. You’re ignoring him, and he’s trying to get my attention now. You’ve given him attachment and abandonment issues.”

Before Jensen could blink, Jared made Harley jump down, and he then climbed on top of Jensen. “Oh I don’t know, Jen. He’s smarter than he looks. This just seems like a good spot to be.”

Jensen’s face was completely red. “What are you doing, Jay?”

“Curling up on your chest.” Jared leaned in closer so that their lips were barely touching. “For starters.”

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